Few other nonprofits use their donations with the prudence and diligence of the Alexander Bonnyman Chapter of the Marine Corps League.

Sgt. Major David J. Hatfield USMC Ret. personifies the care and oversight they show for their funds.  Sgt. Major Hatfield retired in1995 and was presented the Presidential Military Decoration “Meritorious Service Medal”.  This was the second award of the Presidential “MSM”. Further, for his off duty community activities, he was presented the “Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal”. Returning to East Tennessee in 1997, he founded the Young Marine Program.  Its a national youth program sponsored by the Marine Corps League for boys and girls 8 to 18.  Sgt. Maj. Hatfield served 3 years on MCL’s Dept. of Tennessee trustees and the last 3 years as State Commandant. Sgt. Maj. Hatfield can be reached  .

So its little wonder he serves on MCL’s National Scholarship Committee. (Go to programs then scholarships)  Don’t be afraid to donate. Fund priorities start with needy Marines and their families.  They support service dogs trained to assist wounded Marines by the Smoky Mountain Service Dog Program.  Marines are routinely maintaining the SMSD facility as well as making cash donations.  Mike Kitchens, volunteer director, makes sure 95% of all funds go directly to training service dogs.

Marines were wound up fighting hand to hand at Belleau Wood June 1 through 26, 1918. The Germans were only 50 miles from Paris. Its the battle where Gen. Pershing, AEF Commander, remarked the deadlist weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle”. Matching Gen Pershing observation was the German comment, Marines were vigorous self confident and remarkable marksmen. Some debate whether, after the battle, the Germans referred to Marines as “devil dogs” or “hell hounds”. No matter how they saw it, Lt. Col. Ernst Otto, History Section of the German Army, wrote “their fiery advance and great tenacity were well recognized by opponents. Again the Marines realized aggressive and vigorous offense cuts losses on all sides. It was the battle where the Marines gained undisputed world wide respect as fighting men. Read More in AT BELLEAU WOOD by Robert Asprey; available on
Col. Joe Eddlemon USMC Ret –
Photo Credit Margaret Wood – News Sentinel
Knoxville’s Alexander Bonnyman Marine Corps League Salutes Our Fallen Law Enforcement Brothers
“We serve public safety,
Each in our own way,
The Marine Corps world wide,
Law Enforcement at Home
When one of us falls,
We all grieve,
Each in our own way”
Eric Nash, Jim Williams, Lee Rhinemiller and Sgt. Major David R. Hatfield represent the Alexander Bonnyman Chapter of Knoxville’s Marine Corps League at the dedication of Burlington Branch Library honoring SP 4 Donald A. Sherrod.  Sherrod was killed in action during the Vietnam War 8 Aug 1966.  His decorations included the Silver Star, Bronze Star (with V), Purple Heart, and Vietnam/South East Asia service medals. Marine’s honor the fallen of all who fell serving the cause of human rights and the rule of law.  In this case it happens to be a member of the United States Army.
THE MUD RUN IS FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN.  If you want to have a real “recruit” experience, Knoxville’s Marine Corps League will have experienced Drill Instructors to motivate you.  But the experience is scaled to those who just want to walk through the course and laugh at each other.  Its a great and unique day for the whole family.  Mark your calendar and sign up for Sept. 17, 2016. 
Contact for sign up forms or contact Commandant Big Jim Hatfield at (865) 740-4155.
As a former Cub Scout Master I wasn’t sure what to think about 8 year old Marines.  But on further consideration, whether these youngsters go on military service or not, they develop a unique sense of pride and dedication with real Marines as role models.  That sense of belonging to the best and striving to excel is inbred in Marine Corps training and service.  After working with trouble kids, I found without structure youngsters feel insecure. Without appropriate role models they are high risk of losing their way.  Therefore Young Marines deserve our wholehearted support.  Donors should contact Lt. Alexander Bonnyman (Medal of Honor) Knoxville Chapter of the Marine Corps League.
Marine Infantryman Okinawa WW II
Many Marine combat picture show them on the attack.  Marines are highly effective, when shock and speed are needed. They know the quicker they can overwhelm and subdue an enemy civilian and military losses will be far less than dallying about the objective.  That’s why Marines are impatient with the politically indecisively situations they’ve been forced to endue in recent times.  God Bless the Marines!
Knoxville’s Marine Corps League named itself the Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Detachment 924. Lt. Bonnyman’s Medal of Honor was awarded for his action on Tarawa during WW II. See and click on “Lt. Bonnyman” link.

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