PSY WARRIORS from Alexander the Great, Sun Tse and Genhis Khan to Validimir Putin

Psychological Warfare Shield

Alexander The Great
Alexander the Great created fear in his opponents prior to battle.  He instructed his armorers to makes pieces of oversized armor to be left behind for inspection.  His armor created the impression his warriors were 7 to 8 feet tall!  That image combined with Alexander’s vicious reputation kept enemies from seeking combat.  Sun Tse saw psychological warfare as a force multiplier and resource saver.  Genghis Khan magnified his ferocious image by using advance agents to inform his opponents.  All three used “fake” information to control the time and place of engagement. Ref:

Vladimir Putin is No. 1 on Forbes List.

Fake Picture of Vladimir Putin Adobe Photoshop art by Steve Ryan shown on

“From the motherland to Syria to U.S. presidential elections Putin continues to get what he wants.”  Ref:  Also read: “NATO Colonel Sheds Light on Russia’s PSYOPS” By Valentina Pop. “Kremlin’s new war model is less dependent on military muscle but more propaganda”. Russia’s main tools are false facts and images, as well as glorification of Russia military power and political leadership”.  Quote from: NATO Colonel Aivar Jaeski.

While there’s no doubt Russia played role in U.S. elections, primarily by outing Sec. Clinton’s private email, they wound up with a “can’t lose” situation.  The dissention created with voters spread the debate beyond the question of how much influence had been exerted?  In “An Overview of Psychological Operations” by Lisa Burns, she examples the Kingdom of Judah 871-850 BC:  With Jerusalem about to be attacked by 3 city state armies,  the prophet Jahaziel delivered divine instructions to the Army of Judah. The army was told to line the ridges and sing and praise God. Not seeing them in fighting posture, the Ammon and Moab armies attacked and wiped out the Army of Mount Sair. Then they fought and wiped out each other.  The Army of Judah returned with wealth of all 3 of their wiped out opponents.

Putin presently may top the Army of Judah’s achievements.  Creating dissention within our ranks and the ranks of our allies is the key objective of psychological warfare.

One of the best writings about Russia’s improving information weapons is:  “Modern Russian Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) by PhD Peter A. Mattsson,…mattsson%peter_WG10_Abstract_Modern%20Russian – “The Methods of PSYOPS includes: agitation, propaganda and other information actions that influence the mind, emotions, reasoning, own belief system, and of most importance the behavior of the target population. Russia’s operations have splintered Republicans, Democrats and Independents into accusing each other of fake news. Open Democratic societies are highly vulnerable to manipulation.


Col. Don Amburn USA Ret. and Capt. Owen Haddock USAF (FMR) PSY WARRIORS

Col. Amburn served in Afghanistan to direct influencing a highly complex culture. He was able to compliment conventional PSYOPs using leaflets and broadcasts with new computer and cell phone technologies.  I operated with unconventional U.S. Army and Vietnamese special operators to encourage enemy soldiers to defect.  In 1967 Vietnam that wasn’t that hard, since the North Vietnamese Army was attempting to indoctrinate them into fighting for communism.  After we managed to get approximately 65000 to surrender, the NVA switched back to fighting for national liberation.  Both Afghanistan and Vietnam were compromised by fake news and its influence in creating uncertainties with our citizens and national government.  Vietnam was the first war where the press worked against our own troops.

The press was vulnerable to combined influences of simultaneous sex and drug revolutions.  The social mood reflected by attention getting protestors was magnified by the legitimate civil rights movement.  Later I learned from 1970s protest writers that they sensed a growing readership supporting these issues.  Publications management instructors called this identifying and building a profitable demographic.  I attended three publication conferences at Stanford University.  During the last conference even dedicated leftist writers were wondering if a conservative demographic might develop in reaction to their reporting.

To understand how sophisticated the North Vietnamese PSYOPS became, google Pham Van Xuan and his biography THE PERFECT SPY.  He became accredited with key U.S. media such as “Time” magazine and managed to become a confidant of Richard Colby and MG Robert A McClure USA aka “Forgotten Father of U.S. Special Warfare”.  MG Xuan NVA also influenced Vietnam War coverage by many other reporters.  He operated out of the Hotel Metropole in Saigon.

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