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Owen Haddock.

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Memorializing Those Who Fought in Vietnam

Vietnam War’s fifth anniversary has caused new research to surface revealing a different image of why my fellow combatants served. Hollywood and popular culture misrepresented those of us who served and why. This report is extracted from “Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans” published in the Military Order of World Wars magazine, “Officers Review” Oct., 2013 issue. “The …

Honoring MG Livingtston on the Vietnam War’s 50th Anniversary

Just reading Gen. Livingston’s Medal of Honor citation doesn’t say as much as it should. Its worth the reader’s time to go to www.cmohedu.org and see how Gen. Livingston’s action is described in the Medal of Honor’s Character Development Program and other descriptions of the battle at Dai Do on May 2, 1968. Space limits my attempt to describe the …


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